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From the moment we could, humans have told each other stories.  These stories carry messages that inspire, pass on knowledge and teach the lessons of the past.

The ocean is full of stories waiting to be heard and habitats to be explored.

With so much to learn, the opportunities at Ocean Berlin are endless, and 'travel' around the ocean habitats displayed in Ocean Berlin will allow our future visitors to experience ocean habitats they may never have the opportunity to visit.

We think that it is critical that all are allowed to experience and learn from the oceans.

Or now, we want to bring you the voice of the ocean from around the world through our social media.

Here, our ocean experts, amongst others, discuss the issues that matter to the long-term health of the ocean and give those who wish a digital flavor of what is to come. 

This is a story about survival... the ending is yet to be written.

Blue Water
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