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Safe for marine life

The Sustainability Center, which is planned as part of 'Ocean Berlin' will focus on cultivating natural corals in a coral farm.

In addition to the experts from "Ocean Berlin," researchers and scientists from universities will also participate in the special program offers.


The sustainability center, which will be set up in the pump house, will be accessible to the public, as will the 6,500 square meter outdoor area, which is also accessible to everyone free of charge.

Numerous activities are planned throughout the year, including regular workshops and Ocean Days.

In addition to imparting expert knowledge and the interactive and instructive handling of the topic of oceans, these events are intended to strengthen social interaction and commitment to the oceans.


A children's playground and outdoor catering are also provided in the park-like outdoor area, which continues to the Spree.

The Pump House

The Pump House will house a coral nursery and breeding programs for corals.  We won't need external resources outside Ocean Berlin to showcase the corals.

To witness this in action, you can visit our coral nursery program in Mallorca, which is currently the largest in the world.

We also have programs involving various fish species, such as jellyfish, clownfish, seahorses, surgeonfish, and certain types of butterfly fish.

Additionally, we will explore optional breeding programs with local freshwater fish.

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