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We are committed to the ongoing environmental conservation efforts to ensure that oceans are not forgotten or overlooked, and our oceanariums offer transformative experiences.


Our marine parks are deeply rooted in the values and philosophy of the Kahn family, who harbor a genuine commitment to care. They offer immersive journeys into ecologically friendly tropical ecosystems within symbiotic environments.

Benjamin Kahn, the founder and current chairman of Coral World International, earned recognition as a 'Hero of the Environment' by Time Magazine and has spearheaded numerous initiatives against climate change and environmental threats.

The Kahn family's dedication to the oceans and their inhabitants extends beyond the establishment of Coral World International's first treasure, the Underwater Observatory. They also played a pivotal role in developing Zalul, which means 'clear' in Hebrew, Israel's foremost environmental NGO, and have supported and fortified various ocean-focused NGOs.



We proactively support critical marine conservation causes by offering resources and support. These efforts encompass the preservation of the coral reef in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba), removing polluting fish cages from the Red Sea, and conserving the Blue Fin Tuna population in Majorca.

Behind the scenes: Projects and rescue centers

Fish Swimming

After the bluefin tuna was on the verge of extinction, Palma Aquarium launched a decade-long campaign to raise awareness and promote sustainable fishing and responsible consumption.


We have successfully obtained the first clutches in collaboration with the fishermen's guilds of Formentera and Cala Ratjada, Palma Aquarium, Palma, LIMIA, and the Cabrera National Park aquarium. We anticipate releasing the first hatchlings in the upcoming months. While the Alitan is not currently classified as an endangered species, it has been selected to gain valuable experience and to test the action protocols, which will be applied in the future with other species.


The Underwater Observatory Marine Park breeds and releases to the wild two species of sea horses. These delicate fish are threatened in the Red Sea due to habitat loss.


Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute coordinates response to injured sea turtles on the island of Maui, Hawaii, in partnership with NOAA Fisheries.

Sea Sponges

In Palma Aquarium, the coral nursery is one of our facilities' focal points. Thanks to carefully researched fragmentation techniques conducted by our in-house scientists, coupled with dedicated time and attention to their care and well-being, we have successfully cultivated 256 species in a completely sustainable manner without causing any harm to the marine environment.

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