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Who are our Ocean Experts?

For over 45 years, we have lived and breathed the oceans. We have studied and contributed to growing knowledge regarding corals, sharks, and other sea animals.  

This is why we are trusted and recognized by NOAA, The Rishut HaTeva, Balearic Marine, and Western Australian marine authorities with rehabilitation and rescue permits for turtles and other marine animals.  


Why do we need them? 

Our Ocean Experts are highly recognized marine biologists, ocean authorities and enthusiasts with an innate passion for our marine inhabitants and a respectful connection to local culture.  

As experts in coral reef restoration and regrowth, our experts are a fundamental part of the ocean's future. 

How do they help our animals?

Very few of us have the knowledge or experience to communicate the needs of marine animals. 

Our Ocean experts have decades of hands-on experience working with marine animals on a daily basis.  

The animals under our care live long, happy and peaceful lives, conditions that, unfortunately, are far better than those currently available in the ocean. 


How do they help our guests?


We like to ensure that all staff are connected to the ocean in each oceanarium. Our ocean experts ensure that staff and guests are provided with endless opportunities to learn more about ocean life.

With a passion for passing on their knowledge and experience, these experts are pivotal in providing people with a necessary connection to the ocean world. 

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