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Coral Lab
shark tunnel

Since few have had the opportunity to experience the wonders of the oceanic world, many people remain unaware of what could be lost.

In collaboration with the renowned reef biologist David Fridman, Morris Kahn established Coral World International to allow people to gain a diver's perspective of the Red Sea and its magnificent reef ecosystems.

As a strong advocate for marine ecosystems, Coral World has grown into an international operation featuring marine parks worldwide, led by passionate teams deeply devoted to the ocean and its cultures.

Expectations for our staff

Our parks symbolize a humanity that cares for all life, both within and beyond the sea. We take immense pride in our commitment to conservation.
We expect all staff members to embrace and uphold these shared values and vision wholeheartedly.

To have a future, safeguard the oceans.

underwater observatory, eilat

This is the first of Coral World's aquariums, providing a breathtaking gateway to the coral reefs of the Red Sea. It is positioned within the reef and offers a captivating view from 6 meters below the water's surface.

maui ocean center

Immerse in the unique ocean of the Hawaiian archipelago. The overwhelming sense of place in this magnificent hub of marine life and learning is an unmissable experience. We care for one of the world’s largest collections of live Pacific corals.

Our exhibits and educational programs are designed to inspire Hawai‘i residents and visitors with a fresh appreciation for our surrounding sea and local culture. 

palma aquarium shark tank

Explore the rich and authentic marine life of the Mediterranean through our interactive exhibits.

Discover Europe's largest display of a coral reef and other multi-sensory exhibits in an adventure on the beautiful island of Majorca.

cylinder small tank

Follow the Leeuwin Current along the Western Australian Coastline. Dedicated to learning more about the local coastline, our Perth-based aquarium has 40 unique exhibits that showcase only native Western Australian marine life, the majority of which is so rare it cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

 Harry Diver Feeding Pufferfish 2023.jpg
Tenerife Ocean Park (In development)

In a prime location in Adeje, Coral World International proudly advances a new breed of Ocean Park. This major new attraction is a titanic-sized multi-sensory encounter.

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