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The AQWA Foundation is a registered non-profit environmental organization to increase awareness, understanding and appreciation of Western Australia’s oceans. They are involved in research projects to support and initiate programs that take action to benefit Western Australian marine environments and the community, including Rescue, Rehabilitation, Release (RRR), and Plastics Reduction initiatives.

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The Palma Aquarium Foundation for the Protection of the Environment is a non-profit organization that is active mainly in the Balearic Islands. They work to improve the conservation and protection of the Mediterranean Sea.


They carry out joint collaborations with organizations, public administrations and the public for various marine projects. These include Conservation projects on vulnerable species, currently nursehounds and seahorses; the rescue and rehabilitation of Cetaceans, sea turtles, and sharks; various action campaigns that have included saving the Bluefin tuna and Limonium Barceloi and coastal cleaning projects.


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Zalul (“clear” in Hebrew) is an environmental organization with the goal of protecting Israel's seas and streams. The association was founded as a response to remove the fish-farming cages that were contaminating the Gulf of Eilat and affecting the Red Sea’s rare coral reef. Since then, Zalul has become the leading environmental NGO dedicated to the protection of the seas and rivers of Israel.


The Zalul team includes environmental experts, economists, scientists, lawyers, public relations personnel, volunteers, and more. Zalul refuses to accept donations from government agencies in order to preserve its independence and uncompromising commitment to environmental protection.


Zalul continues to raise environmental consciousness among the public and policymakers regarding the importance of a clean environment. Zalul also conducts environmental studies, writes and proposes legislation, and works with a legal consultant on environmental lawsuits.

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Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute (MOCMI) coordinates the response and rescue of sick, injured, and distressed sea turtles on the island of Maui in partnership and collaboration with NOAA Fisheries.


The organization's long-term mission is to inspire environmental stewardship and ensure the survival of coral reefs and sea turtles in Hawaiʻi through science-based conservation efforts, education, and outreach.


In addition to turtle rescue and rehabilitation, MOCMI has projects to decrease plastic pollution, working extensively with Stanford University on Reef-safe Sunscreen.

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