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Ocean Berlin is a state-of-the-art aquarium currently being developed by Coral World International in Berlin, Germany.

Set to be a transformative project, Ocean Berlin demonstrates that, beyond a doubt, Berlin is the focal point in Europe for authentic environmental change. Once completed and open to the public, Ocean Berlin will be a beacon for conservation enthusiasts, providing a chance to connect with the majesty of the underwater world.

Our primary goal is to showcase the beauty of marine ecosystems and encourage a deep understanding of their vulnerability—from the depths to the sunlit surface. 


Our veteran experience of contributing to sustainable marine practices has taught us that educating through interactive and engaging experiences is truly powerful.  We are planning multiple immersive journeys for our visitors that allow them to understand the marine world better and commit to a lifetime of authentic conservation.


You won't find dolphins, seals, or whales in our oceanariums, as we fundamentally disagree with holding mammals in captivity.

Ocean Berlin and the interdisciplinary team of marine biologists and ocean researchers attach particular importance to animal welfare, to which the highest standards have been applied. All our parks have transformative potential and are created and maintained with the welfare of our marine species in mind before any other considerations.


We draw attention to environmental threats through our multiple conservation programs and our fascinating displays.



To ensure animal welfare, a multidisciplinary, scientifically evidence-based approach is essential.

This approach includes providing effective veterinary care, meeting nutritional requirements, enabling individuals to engage in species-specific behaviours, and promoting positive emotional states.

When assessing welfare, it's essential to consider both 'environment-based' and 'animal-based' measures. 'Animal-based' actions, in particular, offer a more representative reflection of how the animal is coping and feeling.

In our facilities, experts in marine biology employ various assessment tools to evaluate animal welfare. Animal-based measures encompass behavioural observations, assessment of body condition, and hormonal indicators.


The drive to obtain sufficient energy from food is a fundamental instinct displayed by all animals. 
When we observe our fish eating regularly, we can conclude that they are content with their environment because a stressed fish, for any reason, will not feed.


Animals exhibit their natural behaviours when they are in harmony with their environment. Our aquarists are specially trained to identify any irregular behaviour, which provides insights into how we can enhance the situation to create a more balanced environment for them.


Healthy fish will exhibit their optimal physical condition through various indicators, including shiny and smooth scales, clear eyes, undamaged fins, and normal behaviour. If any of these signs are not observed, it signals the curatorial team to take immediate action.

Ocean Berlin's Future Commitment
to Marine Conservation

Ocean Berlin is preparing to unveil its groundbreaking initiative, the Sustainability Center, devoted to cultivating natural corals within a specialised coral farm. We're crafting unique program offerings in collaboration with experts and scientists from diverse universities.  

The location was designed to cater to all - inside the Pump House, we will host a coral nursery and breeding programs for corals. This will be accessible to the public, and the 6,500 square meter outdoor area will be open and accessible to the public.

If you wish to witness this in action and explore additional programs for fish species, such as jellyfish, clownfish, seahorses, surgeonfish, and certain types of butterfly fish - you can visit our coral nursery in Palma Aquarium - Palma de Mallorca, Spain, which is currently the largest in the world.


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