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Coral reefs support 25% of all life in the oceans.


70% of the oxygen we breathe, comes from the oceans.


By 2050 there will be more plastic in the seas than fish.


Ocean Berlin is a state of the art aquarium, currently being developed by Coral World International in Berlin, Germany.
Set to be a transformative project, Ocean Berlin demonstrates that beyond a doubt, Berlin is the focal point in Europe for authentic environmental change.
Once completed and open to the public, Ocean Berlin will be a beacon for conservation enthusiasts providing a chance to connect with the majesty of the underwater world.
We hope to contribute to understanding the fragility of marine life, from the deep water to the sunlight zone and motivate Berliners into action for the long term health of the oceans. 
coral gradient
clown fish and anemone

Our veteran experience of contributing to sustainable marine practices  has taught us that educating through interactive and engaging experiences is truly powerful.  


We are planning multiple immersive journeys for our visitors that allow them to understand the marine world better and commit to a lifetime of authentic conservation.


octopus outline


It’s about the ocean and you!


First and foremost our habitats are authentic natural replications, which are designed to provide the best living conditions, for the animals under our care. This allows them to live healthy, happy and longer lives.


Along their journey through Ocean Berlin, led by our Ocean experts, visitors engage with ocean ecology and discover the interdependence of humans and the seas.

These transformative journeys, uncover underwater ecological communities,

through interactive and multi-sensory experiences.

They  are carefully constructed to engage visitors with key facts, stories and a love for ocean life. 

At Ocean Berlin our guests will learn more about themselves and how to truly connect to life below the surface.

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